Oh Crap-OIL!

An oil sheen I found at sunset this afternoon 100 yards off the beach at Shell Point, 28 miles south of Tallahassee, Florida.  While the sheen was large and reeked of gas smell, where I live is 165 miles east of Pensacola Beach.  The Wakulla County Emergency Management will be out in the morning to hopefully find a different source of the spill.  Those of us living along the Gulf Coast feel deeply for our counterparts in Louisana, Mississippi and Alabama and pray everyday it doesn’t come this way.

The path my boat cut through the oil sheen with Shell Point beach in the background.

I find this evening’s discovery deeply disturbing and will be back out at first light.


Tiger Beat

Tiger coming out of the on site fitness and therapy center

There’s nothing quite like Chasing the Tiger” for 4 days. “I’m getting ready to hit right over ya’ll” Tiger told us.  Nobody moved.  I’m sure somebody wanted to say, “go ahead, we’re crazy enough to keep laying here.” Security finally came and made us move over.  That was Tiger’s last hit before pulling out, withdrawing […]

Pollen Season is Here

Even active outdoor sports show the affects of the pollen season in north Florida

It’s Pollen Season ! Charged with illustrating a story on the pollen season, I illustrated it outrageously normal for Tallahassee and north Florida! It took three days to perfect the color of my talcum powder and another half afternoon to set the strobes, decorate the model and shoot.  I shot it on 2 1/4 film, […]

Super Bowl XLIV and the new Canon Mark IV

Front row seat locations just above the on field photographers

While shooting Super Bowl XLIV in Miami on assignment for United Press International, I had the opportunity to pull the trigger of the new Canon EOS Mark IV.  The digital SLR is Canon’s newest flagship camera aimed at the professional photojournalist and sports photographers. The Game In the week leading up to the game, I […]

What is your company trying to say?

Tallahassee's spring pollen season is indeed a bummer!

Eighty percent of communication is visual instead of spoken.  If your communication budget is spent on the copy leaving the visuals as a decorative after thought, you could have just discovered why your communication is less effective. The good thing is, that horse can be called back to the barn.  If your not investing in […]

Movie Director Victor Nunez

Victor Nunez 21 mw 093009

This is a shoot I did recently for Research in Review magazine of north Florida filmmaker Victor Nunez (Ulee’s Gold, Ruby in Paradise and Coastlines). This was a fun shoot that included Nunez, myself and three assistants that I boated to an oyster bar off the coast at Shell Point.  Nunez teaches at the Florida […]

Where do we go from here?

Even the day labor hired to do the backwork struggled that day

I started trying to find these negatives just before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to blog about being thankful that life had not shifted in this direction for me or most of the people I know. While that can no longer be said, I wanted to post these images I shot in the late ’80s anyway.   I […]

Bowden’s last ride! What a fitting ending!

Bowden autographs his player's jersey's in the locker room after winning the Gator Bowl

What a fitting ending to the Bowden era that I’ve covered for 28 years. Listening to: Natalie Merchant – Kind and Generous

It was a grenade – a 12 volt grenade!

1986 in the Toilet Bowl at Doak Campbell

David Hobby, internationally known over at his blog, The Strobist has called me out by dredging up some ugly memories from a Florida vs Florida State football game in the early 80s. David was a photo intern at the Tallahassee Democrat from the University of Florida.  While not as good as interns from Western Kentucky, […]

Our Christmas Wish!

Peace on earth, goodwill toward men

A beautiful Christmas sunset gift