Who’s got the flashlight!

Who’s the worst for wear in today’s state of journalism?  While I can certainly lament the loss of jobs in the professional journalism industry, it’s as a citizen that I feel the the loss of skilled journalism the most.  We read mainstream journalism and might not notice that much difference but it’s not what you see that ultimately matters.  It’s what you don’t see.

What is the value to the public of the images photojournalist risk their lives and families to shine a light on?

The drive that it takes for young journalist to show the underbelly of a society or to show how quickly and easily Tallahassee can be hoodwinked or polluted for money. used to be so strong as to cause him bail on a date in order to chase the police scanner at 2:30 am.  We were driven by what we perceived as the right to serve.  “the public has a right to know; to see the realities” I’d say.