Commercial Photography in Tallahassee-Which photo are you?

Below is a series of photos I’ve done for one of my clients in Tallahassee.  The small photo is what one mostly sees in advertising materials for apartment complexes.  I never understood why as they just don’t look like a fun place to live.

Most apartment advertising tanning bed photos

The apartment amenity that is worth the rent






It is understood that some customers just want to see a simple layout because they shop solely based on price.  If that’s the clientele you are marketing to, then it’s less expensive to shoot those room view photos.  I shoot those photos too but I take them home to plan my shoots with.

But, if your goal is to market to a different caliber clientele, then why use the same discount look as the apartments that are marketing to the price only customers.

I find it difficult to subscribe to the lowest priced commodity business model  but instead subscribe to results oriented craftsmanship.  It shows in everything you do.

In this case, if you’re a student in Tallahassee, which place would you rather live, I mean really?


FSU Life Sciences Building

Florida State Materials Research Building

The assignment to shoot the new Life Sciences building at Florida State came with the challenge to make the building look different