Who wants ice cream

“Who wants ice cream” President Barack Obama asked and from the press pool behind him one of the still photographers sheepishly replied “I do”.  President Obama turned to the dozen or so photographers and asked what flavor.  After a long pause filled with the sounds of camera shutters the red faced photographer responed, “We’ll catch you next time Mr. President.”

President Obama, his wife Michelle and daughter Sasha were in Panama City Beach on a short Florida panhandle vacation in August and I was covering for Getty Images.

President Obama tries to buy the photographers ice cream

The Obamas stopped for ice cream on their way out of town.  Earlier in the day, they had taken a boat

ride on St Andrews Bay in the Bay Point Lady.

Michelle Obama points out dolphins swimming in St Andrews Bay

The Obamas ride on the Bay Point Lady in Panama City Beach

Images were imported into my laptop on the boat, edited, prepared and transmitted to New York while I was photographing the Obamas enjoying their boat ride.  Talk about multitasking on land or sea


Sasha Obama heads to the car while Barack and Michelle eat there ice cream in Panama City Beach, FL.

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  1. Kristen says:

    The president spent a quality time with his family. It is good to know that he still manage his family life well. They had a great image of a happy family. Nice photos.

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