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March Madness is upon us

I hadn’t shot a lot of NCAA basketball this years but once the Florida State excitement began to build I shot the Miami and Duke games. This photograph was from a camera mounted on the goal and fired by a remote from my seat on the hardwood.

FSU's Ian Miller (30) drives to the basket over the back of Duke's Andre Dawkins (20)

We’re talking about getting to the game 3+ hours early to balance on a 25 foot step latter with brackets and super clamps and Bogen magic arms to attach my Canon EOS 1D Mark lll on the goal and under the bottom of the glass backboard.  After mounting, I wait for approval, first from Florida State than the game officials.

I’ve mounted cameras throughout the catwalk to photograph Florida State’s games against the best of the best in ACC basketball and even the circus once.  Most were fired with radio remotes from my shooting position kneeling on the hardwood court side.  Of

them all, I like the results from the backboard, either under or through the glass.  Shooting under the backboard saves one from dealing with the struggles of killing the reflections on the back of the glass.  I love the different look.

Duke's Austin Rivers (0) drives to the bucket between FSU's Jon Kreft (50) and Xavier Gibson (1) in Tallahassee

Whether on the backboard or mounted 190 feet in the catwalk above the basketball court, the access and skill necessary to insure safety is not taken lightly.  All parts, clamps, magic arms, cameras and remotes are safety chained, gaff taped and secured so if one item comes loose, the others support it.  If all clamps and arms should fail, metal safety cables secure it.  For each camera it takes close to $450 worth of professional grade clamps, cables, and accessories to attach and secure each camera.  That doesn’t count the camera or laptop if your firing and making adjustments with a firewire attached laptop or iPad.  There’s a lot that can go wrong…and usually does.

After 35 years as a photojournalist based in Tallahassee covering sports and news in the state of Florida, all along tobacco road and throughout the country, it’s still nice to come out with a nice photo from a remote camera.

Head on over to my website and check out my Tallahassee photojournalism.  With over 8,000 images and more being added every day, there’s plenty to see.

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